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Elixir Vitalité
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Gives the face, neck and décolleté youthfully fresh radiance no matter what your age: Elixir Vitalité from nourishing oils combats the signs of time, and gives the skin a radiantly fresh appearance.


The revitalizing oil concentrate supplies the skin with vitality and surrounds it with a beautiful, delicate protective coat. Elixir Vitalité fortifies, nourishes and revitalizes the skin, lastingly protecting it against dehydration and lack of moisture. Dry areas of the skin regain their silky softness while the conditioning oil texture gives the skin a fresh glow. The skin is beautifully soothed and fortified.

Size 30ml

Main Ingredient

  • Winged kelp (Alaria Esculenta Extract) stops excessive progerin deposition and thus combats premature skin aging. At the same time, the cell’s energy balance is activated and protein synthesis is stimulated.
  • Blackcurrant seed oil is rich in omega-3/6 fatty acids, strengthens the skin barrier and protects stressed tissue.
  • Balloon vine extract contains valuable phytosterols, is calming and prevents inflammatory skin reactions.
  • Sunflower oil concentrate is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It stabilises the skin barrier, even in dry skin.
  • A cell and DNA protection complex of rice, sugar beet and rosemary extract acts as a cell-active radical trap that protects the cell from oxidative stress. The natural antioxidant has a cell-activating multiple effect and boosts rapid regeneration from cell and DNA damage. The skin is calmed and stabilised.
  • Lupin seed extract acts as a collagen booster to improve the connective tissue’s collagen structure, combats inflammatory reactions and remodels the skin surface.


In the evening, after cleansing, apply to moist skin on the face, neck and décolleté and gently massage in. For very dry skin or as needed, also apply in the morning. Ideal combined with Crème Vitalité or with other creams from La Biosthétique skincare.

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