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Visalix Clarifiant
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Hydro-lotion Visalix Clarifiant is particularly suitable for sensitive, blemished skin: Strengthens the skin structure, calms and revitalises the complexion making it look beautiful and radiant.


Everything is clearer and fresher: This hydro-lotion was specially developed for oily, blemished skin with extremely sensitive reactions. Selected plant extracts with cleansing and astringent properties fortify damaged skin. Oil of St John’s wort also moisturises the skin. The skin is calmed and regains its moisture-retaining properties. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, Visalix Clarifiant is also instantly absorbed and revitalises the skin. Natural menthol is calming so that the face feels noticeably fresher after toning. The result: Blemishes are reduced, inflammations and tightness disappear into a lovely, fresh complexion. Tip: To get blemished skin under control, we recommend combining this with other Methode Clarifiante products.

Size 100ml

Main Ingredient

  • An ingredient complex of cypress, horsetail, St John’s wort, thyme and witch hazel fortifies the skin, making it appear fresh and soft
  • Sodium salts of lactic acid and gluconic acid improve the skin’s moisture binding properties
  • Arginine (amino acid) maintains the skin’s own moisture
  • Natural essential oils


Every day, in the morning and evening, apply the face lotion after cleansing with a cotton pad to face and neck. Do not rinse. Tip: Place a compress soaked in Visalix Clarifiant on to areas of skin with large pores or where blackhead extractions need to be performed and leave on for five minutes. Repeat twice a week.

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