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Visalix Sensitif
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Hydrolotion Visalix Sensitive is particularly suitable for delicate skin: Hydrates the skin after cleansing and makes it look fresh and radiant


For a delicate extra portion of moisture: The oat extracts in the hydrolotion have a particularly high antioxidant content to protect the skin against harmful environmental influences. Polysaccharides promote strength and the skin is soothed and hydrated with moisture-retaining properties. Visalix Sensitif is rapidly absorbed and results in a refreshing, smooth skin sensation. After toning, the skin is noticeably fresher and looks youthfully cared for. Visalix Sensitif is particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

Size 250ml

Main Ingredient

  • Oat extracts sooth and add valuable moisture


In the morning and evening, apply the face lotion daily after cleansing with a cotton pad to face and neck. Do not rinse.

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